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We are a a full-service, non-profit community hospital, offering comprehensive medical, surgical and therapeutic services. With 281 beds, more than 1900 employees and a world-class medical staff, we provide innovative, technologically advanced care on a patient-friendly, just north of Seattle.



Our mission is to raise the long-term health status of our community by providing personalized, quality care with compassion, dignity, and respect.


We are a community of caring health professionals, recognized for promoting wellness through early detection and prevention.


When you arrive, unless you’re told otherwise, please go directly to the Admitting Department, located in the main hospital lobby.

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You do not need your physician or health care provider to make arrangements for you. Now it is easy and fast and you can book a consult within minutes!

Outside of a medical emergency, your primary care physician is the "first responder" to your healthcare needs
State-of-the-art surgical facilities where expert surgeons perform a full complement of procedures.
Few of us like to even think about having a heart attack or being with someone when they have one.
Rehabilitation services for conditions ranging from stroke and brain injury to neurological disorders.

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MedZone Lite provides complete medical and surgical services in both inpatient and outpatient settings, at in several convenient locations.

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Our experts are here for you every single day! We care about our patients and we
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Allison Corro, PA-C, M.S., is a certified Physician Assistant who provides comprehensive preventive, gynecological and obstetrical care to women of all ages. Allison performs in-office colposcopies, endometrial biopsies, Intrauterine device placement and removal, as well as ultrasound imaging.
Allison C. Corro, PA-C, M.S.

Gynecological and obstetrical care

Nicole Quigley is a talented Nurse Midwife, who has been providing OB and gynecological care to women of all ages in the practice for more than 13 years. Prior to joining AWHS, Nicole worked in Labor & Delivery for West Suburban Hospital. She also was a Radiologic Technologist for Edward Hines VA Hospital prior to completing her licensing in Midwifery.
Nicole Quigley, CNM, M.S.

OB and gynecological care all women

Madison Monk, PA-C, M.S., is a certified Physician Assistant who has a passion for providing preventative, well-rounded, gynecological and obstetrical care to women of all ages.
Madison Monk, PA-C, MS

Physician Assistant gynecological

Marian Catalano, APN, FNP, M.S., is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner who provides comprehensive preventive, gynecological and obstetrical care to women of all ages. Marian performs in-office endometrial biopsies, Intrauterine device placement and removal, she is certified in BioTE pellets hormone replacement therapy, and certified in pain management.
Marian Catalano, FNP- BC

APN, FNP, M.S. gynecological and ob

Why Choose Us?

  • Doe Jane
    Doe Jane

    Attending Staff

    "One of the cleanest and professional plaes I had the chance to be in. The staff was friendly, The rooms very bright and the pacient care excellent. I went home after 3 days spent very well at Regina hospital."
  • Dr. Ranae L. Yockey, D.O. FACOG
    Dr. Ranae L. Yockey, D.O. FACOG

    Dr. Ranae Yockey has a passion for empowering women to make the best decisions about their own healthcare. As a mother of two, she understands the need for honest and compassionate care during the changing stages of a woman’s lifecycle. She is dedicated to providing a highly-educated team of providers who can blend compassionate treatment with advanced technologies to provide a warm and inviting healthcare facility.